Symbolic Men Star Tattoos

A special color combination for nautical star tattoo on man's hand.The symbol of a star is one of the most famous men star tattoos nowadays due to several reasons.  A lot of tat enthusiasts are attracted to have a star tattoo on their skins because they are tiny, which means that you can apply them quickly with less pain.

For first timers who are excited on having unique and attractive tattoos, star tats for men provide them an excellent introduction to the fascinating world of tats.  At the same time, these kinds of tats are not so expensive that is why a lot of people crave for them.  At this point, you may have some questions in your mind pertaining to star tats.

You may be asking what symbolism men star tattoos represent.  You may also be interested to know if there are various kinds of tat designs available in online galleries, or just the 5-pointed star that is often used by kids in drawing a star image.  In this article, you’ll learn about star tats for men by reading some important points below.

Stars are brilliant objects in the sky that twinkle and light-up a totally dark evening.  As such, they also signify a particular light in time of darkness occurring in the lives of human beings.  They represent the divine Spirit shining over the presence of mankind on earth, and they are symbolic of truth and hope.

Strong man shows his star tattoos on blade in his room.

Since you can see them twinkling only at night, the concept of looking at the star image portrayed in men star tattoos can be viewed as something that signifies the ability to overcome a struggle during a period of darkness in one’s life.  The exact meaning of star designs depends primarily on the number of corner points that they have, and in some cases, on the shape of their tips.

Some of the most well-known star designs include the Hexagram or Star of David drawn as a 6-pointed star, the Nautical Star, and the Pentagram also known as the 5-pointed star.  Depending on its orientation, 2 meanings can be associated with the Pentagram.  A Pentagram that faces downward is viewed as something that mimics the head of a Ram or something that is demonic.

The nautical star tattoo is embedded on man's right upper arm.

Referring to the 5-point star in men star tattoos, it is a symbol of power, balance and protection along with the 4 elements present on earth such as air, water, sky and earth.  It also includes the 5th element as the divine Spirit ruling over all other elements.  It is believed to harmonize the symbol of life.  In the case of the Nautical Star, it is a helpful symbolism for sailors.

The reason is because sailors often rely on this star to guide them in returning home safely after their journeys.  The sailors want to have star tats on their skins because they have a firm belief that the stars in the sky protect them while they travel in rough seas.  For other people, the Nautical star symbolizes protection and guidance.  Other popular men star tattoos include the Star of David, the Septagram, Octogram and the Nonogram.

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